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    For the last 4 years, we have been serving the pets and families of Playa Vista.
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    Our team strives to give your dog an enjoyable well-balanced exercise.
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    Dog Walking Pricing Plans

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    Our 15 Minute dog walk is enough time for a potty break and a shorter walk.
    Our 30 Minute dog walk is enough time for a good walk and let your pup get the fun they want.

    Dog Walking Benefits

    For Every Pet


    A daily walk is essential for your pet's health. Obesity in pets is associated with a plethora of medical conditions including osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and so many more.


    A walk can make your dog very happy. They love to check out the sights and smells and will really look forward to spending time outside of the house and backyard. A dog that does not receive enough exercise can easily become bored or destructive.


    Walks can help control that extra energy your pet may have, calming them and decreasing any hyperactivity, excitability, and even nighttime activity. A walk every day will help your dog feel more relaxed and sleepy rather than restless at bedtime.

    What Clients Say

    Customer Reviews

    I automatically got the sense that Walk Those Dogs genuinely cares about our animals. My dogs were always much happier on those days they got their walks and I was happy knowing they weren’t stuck in the house all day.



    Happy pet owner

    Jason has been walking my two dogs for over 3 years now and I couldn’t be happier with his level of care and attention. I can always rely on his services. He is extremely professional and the price is very reasonable, considering that we live in Playa Vista. Their dog walking services are actually what I need and I would highly recommend Jason for your next dog walking session.



    happy pet owner

    Jason has been part of our family now for 2 years. He has never missed a day of walking with our dogs. He is caring, friendly, and very thoughtful. We love him so much that we trust our pets with him 100%. And that’s saying a lot for us. If you or someone you know is in need of Dog Walking services in Playa Vista, this is the place to turn to. 



    Satisfied Dog Owner